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  • Upgrade your Phone

    Our constant need to upgrade our way of life pushes us to the extreme edges of technology. A couple of years ago, everyone wanted to have the Nokia 3310 phone but now, it's a thing of the past and apart from the snake game, there's nothing we can ever desire on that phone…

    05 Apr 2016
  • Warranties Guarantees ??

    Most of us may have seen the terms warranty / guaranty on billboards, on TV or heard about them on the radio and sometimes you read about in a user manual. To you it is just a piece of paper you want to through away, because you probably think it is not that important anyway. Warranties…

    23 Nov 2015
    gugulethu moyo
  • Black Friday

    Black Friday is a popular day for massive discounts and sales all over the world, to bring it to vernacular, it's "massive load shading" on prices. This is regarded to be the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.  Black Friday is the Friday after Thanks giving…

    24 Oct 2015
  • Getting a Gift

    Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas it all seems to be stacked at the end of the year and someone somewhere is expecting a gift. Getting a gift might not be an issue, but getting the right one is. The wise once said “it’s the thought that counts” but on many occasions…

    23 Oct 2015
    Tatenda Nyamugama
  • Out goes Nokia - In comes Microsoft

    Some of you might have noticed this - Nokia Lumia phones are slowly disappearing and in comes the Microsoft Lumia phones. Why? This is because Microsoft, the software giant bought Nokia’s Devices and Services unit back in April 2014. This has resulted, since late last year…

    14 Oct 2015
  • Free Giveaways of the month - August

    Zimall is committed to giving you the best deals all the time. Check our blog every week for updates on latest offers of the month. Free give aways of the month: Get a free 500GB portable external drive when you buy any HP or Lenovo laptop worth $500 and above. Get a free 64GB flash…

    05 Aug 2015
  • Claim an offer - Online Shopping 101

    The beauty of online shopping lies in the convenience that it brings – True. However, there are a lot other perks that come with online shopping and we often miss them. Online stores have always been known to offer freebies as a way of keeping their customers happy and therefore…

    22 Jul 2015
  • Shopping can be such a headache

    Shopping these days can be such a headache. Going from one shop to another, searching for the perfect product and best price. Why not shop from the comfort of your home or office?  

    04 Jun 2015
  • Zimall has just had a major upgrade

    As Alan Watts once said,  The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance. After more than a year since Zimall was launched, we have now successfully implemented our first major upgrade to our website. We say major because there…

    02 Jun 2015
  • eCommerce Africa Confex 2015

    The eCommerce Africa Confex was the first conference to be held in Africa with the focus on eCommerce business in Africa. The event was organized by Kinetic Events, an organization that specializes in organizing IT events across Africa. The two day event was a combination of…

    11 Mar 2015
    Rational Ear

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