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Getting a Gift

Weddings, Birthdays, Christmas it all seems to be stacked at the end of the year and someone somewhere is expecting a gift. Getting a gift might not be an issue, but getting the right one is.

The wise once said “it’s the thought that counts” but on many occasions this has let us down, thinking that the thought will be appreciated more than the gift. It seems the thought will only count if the buying of the gift is really thought about. The whole point of a gift is to show how much you appreciate the other person and unlike popular belief does not always have to be the titanic. It’s an opportunity to find out more about the other person and also prove that you know them. Gifts also say a lot about you as a person.
When buying a gift you need to know what that person likes and more so dislikes. It’s better to get a neutral gift than a gift that someone doesn’t like at all, for instance buying perfume when they are allergic to it. A simple research will pay off at the end of the day. Asking hinted questions to the person won’t hurt. Get to know what went wrong during the year, highlights of the year and anything that was of interest. People tend to remember the important things so whatever they will tell you should give you pointers in the right direction. Close family and friends are also good allies on this matter. You can ask them to tell you what to get. Another very good source of information is the social media. Going on someone’s Facebook page and checking out what they have liked is not a crime.

Gifts are sentimental and are a major building block of any relationship. This is how some friends are more important than others and why some relatives are regarded to be closer than others. So remember a thoughtful gift is the one that counts.

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