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Ecocash Payment Method

Ecocash is an innovative mobile payment solution that enables Econet customers to complete simple financial transactions such as sending money to loved ones, buying prepaid airtime for themselves or other Econet subscribers and paying for goods and services

You can also pay for your orders on Zimall using Ecocash. Zimall is a registered Ecocash Merchant and to pay using Ecocash on Zimall, you need to have the following:

  1. A registered Econet(ZW) sim card which is also registered with Ecocash.
  2. A Zimall invoice number generated after placing an order.
  3. A minimum balance equivalent to the amount on the Zimall invoice plus $1.50 in your Ecocash account.
  • Zimall Ecocash Merchant Code - 60795

To make a payment using Ecocash (use your mobile phone):

Long Way
  1. Dial *151#
  2. Enter your ecocash password
  3. Select Make Payment
  4. Select Pay Merchant
  5. Enter Merchant Code: 60795
  6. Enter Amount: as given on invoice
  7. Select Confirm payment to ZIMALL ONLINE PVT
Short Way
  1. Dial *151*2*2*60795#
  2. Enter Amount: as given on invoice
  3. Enter your Ecocash password to Confirm payment to ZIMALL ONLINE PVT or 0 to cancel

When transaction is successful, you will immediately receive a message from Ecocash with an approval code. Keep the approval code as it may be required by Zimall to confirm your payment in case we run into any trouble.

Note that we do not charge you for using Ecocash, however the Ecocash charges below apply, see table below.

Lower Value ($) Upper Value ($) Fee ($)
1 50 2%
50.01 75 1.25
75.01 100 1.45
100.01 150 1.55
150.01 200 1.65
200.01 300 1.75
300.01 400 1.85
400.01 500 1.95

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