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Verbatim 1TB External Hardrive
Verbatim 1TB External HardriveVerbatim 1TB External Hardrive

Verbatim 1TB External Hardrive


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1 Review
Model: 1TB External Hardrive
Brand: Verbatim
Review Points:    4 Points
Summary:Verbatim 1TB External Hardrive


The Verbatim external hard drive delivers outstanding quality, performance, and reliability for both professional and home users. Available with USB 2.0 connectivity, the drive can store your music, photos, video, and data files on your PC or MAC. Blazing through the most demanding audio/video applications allowing you to work more and wait less

Attribute Value
Storage Capacity 1TB

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Tatenda Nyamugama  06 Mar 2014

Verbatim 1 TB with of data, that's a lot of space. Verbatim is a reliable buy for those who are looking for dependable storage.

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