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Salton SBF50T Box Fan
Salton SBF50T Box FanSalton SBF50T Box Fan

Salton SBF50T Box Fan


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Model: SBF50T
Brand: Salton
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Summary:The Salton SBF50T Box Fan has three speed settings, high, medium and low.It also has a three wing propeller and an adjustable pivot stand.


Salton SBF50T Box Fan 40cm

It has a speed control with three speed settings these are high, medium and low. The blades are 3 wing dynamic propellers for a wide angle airflow and the pivot stand is adjustable to any desired airstream in a 90 degrees arc.

  • Rotary dial type : high, medium and low speed settings controls

  • Three wing propeller

  • Adjustable pivot stand

  • Power: 55w


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