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Proline 2200VA Line Interactive UPS
Proline 2200VA Line Interactive UPS

Proline 2200VA Line Interactive UPS


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Model: UPSA2200
Brand: Proline
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Summary:This UPS is specifically designed for a PC with multi function. It's lightweight, compact design fits into the limited working environment. The line of UPS is equipped with boost and buck AVR


This function enables the UPS to be started without AC power supply. Although it is a small UPS, the main features of the UPS is as follows:
- Micro processor control guarentees high reliablilty 
- equipped with boost and buck AVR
- Green power function for energy saving
- DC start function
- Auto restart will in AC recovery 
- compact size and light weight
- Provides AC overload protection

Capacity 2200VA/1100W
Input Voltage 120VAC or 230VAC
Input Voltage Range 85-145VAC or 170-280VAC
Output Voltage 110/120VAC or 220/230/240VAC
Output Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) +/-10%
Output Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
Output Frequency Regulation (Batt. Mode) +/-1 Hz (Batt. Mode)
Output Waveform Modified Sine wave
Battery Type 12V/9Ah x 2
Battery Recharge Time 6 hours to 90% after complete discharge
Transfer Time Typical 4-8 ms
Indicator AC Mode Green lighting
Indicator Battery Mode Yellow flashing
Audible Alarm Backup Mode Sounding every 10 seconds
Audible Alarm Low Battery Sounding every 1 second
Audible Alarm Overload Sounding every 0.5 second
Audible Alarm Fault Continuously sounding
Full Protection Discharge, overcharge, and overload protection

Dimension(mm) 365(L) x 139(W) x 195(H)
Weight (kg) 10.2 kg

Package Content:

1x UPS unit

1x Male to Femail Cable

User manual with link to download the software

AC Power Cable is not included
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