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LG 49 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV 49UB830T
LG 49 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV 49UB830TLG 49 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV 49UB830TLG 49 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV 49UB830TLG 49 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV 49UB830TLG 49 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV 49UB830TLG 49 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV 49UB830T

LG 49 Inch Ultra HD Smart TV 49UB830T


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Model: 49UB830T
Brand: LG
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Summary:Picture Perfect, Feel The Difference


LG 49UB830T 49" LED UHD 3D Smart TV

4K Resolution:
A new standard of high definition raises the viewing bar higher than ever. 4K resolution is the future of digital picture, attaining a resolution four times that of Full HD, with a stunning 8.3 million pixels for flawless picture and incredibly vivid detail.

True Colour Accuracy:
The panel is the key factor of TV screen, determining the quality of TV. The preferred panel by professionals worldwide, the IPS 4K Panel will produce breathtakingly real colour on 4K resolution. Industries that require razor-sharp precision such as the broadcasting or medical sectors have used it for a reason.

4K 3D+:
ULTRA HD comes alive in 4K 3D+. The world's most comfortable 3D is also the sharpest 3D in 4K resolution. With its quadrupled resolution, the 3D images are more splendid than ever and the realism more lively than ever.

True 4K Engine:
True 4K Engine creates vivid 4K pictures and the sophisticated algorithm of the engine brings low resolution images even closer to 4K quality. LG Ultra HD TV with its powerful engine will thoroughly satisfy the viewer with flawless detail, lifting the standard of visual display yet higher.

Cinema Screen:
Ultimate simplicity for complete and immersive viewing. We all know the best way to enjoy a movie is at the cinema, with its expansive & absorbing screen that has no frame, no obstruction. Now, there's a TV that brings the same, cinematic viewing experience to your home, designed with pure inspiration and cutting-edge technology. It is time for design to come home.

Ultra Real Sound:
The sounds of LG Ultra HD TV are just as impressive as its visual power. With the full impact of a multi-channel, forward-facing speaker system, it is essentially a sound bar within a TV. Its immersive sound will be more noticeable than ever even when compared to its stunning picture quality.
Attribute Value
Display Display Screen:
- Display Device: LED
- Dynamic UCI: 100Hz
- Screen Size: 49"
- Resolution: ULTRA HD 3840x2160
- BLU Type: Edge LED
- Micro Pixel Control (Local Dimming): Yes
- Dynamic MCI (Hz): 900 (100Hz)
Audio and Video Video:
- Tru ULTRA HD Engine: Yes
- Resolution Upscaler: Yes (Resolution upscaler Plus)
- Active Noise Reduction: Yes
- Dynamic Clear White: Yes
- Dynamic Color Enhancer: Yes
- Smart Living Sensor(OLED/UHD Only): Yes
- Picture Mode: 8 modes (Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema,Soccer, Game, Expert1, Expert2) Asia :APS MEA : Eco
- Picture Wizard III: Yes
- Aspect Ratio: 8 modes (16:9, Just scan, Original, Full Wide, 4:3, 14:9, Zoom, Cinema Zoom)
- Just Scan (1:1 Pixel Matching) 0% OverScan: Yes (HDMI/C
General Information 3D:
- 3D Type: FPR
- Supporting Format: S/S, T/B, C/B, F/S
- Format Auto Detection: Yes
- 3D to 2D Convert Source: Yes
- 2D to 3D Convert Source: Yes
- Depth Control: 0+20 (default : 10)
- Viewpoint Control: -10+10 (default : 0)
- 2D to 3D Mode: 5 modes (Standard, Manual, Cinema, Sport, Extreme)
- 3D Viewpoint Control: -10+10 (default : 0)
- 3D Image Correction: Yes
- 3D Picture Mode: Yes
- Support 3D Video fromat: Yes (WMV,H.264)
- Dual Play: Ready

Smart TV:
- SmartShare (Card): Yes
- Game W
Connectivity Channel:
- Auto Tuning & Programming: Yes
- Program (Channel) Edit (Add & Delete): Yes
- Program (Channel) Labeling (Name Edit): Yes
- Favorite Channel Programming: Yes

Input & Output (Side):
- HDMI 1.4: 1
- USB 2.0: 2
- USB 3.0: 1

Input & Output (Rear):
- RF In: 1 (V)
- Composite In (CVBS + Audio): 1 (V, Gender)
- HDMI 2.0: 2 (V)
- Component In (Y,Pb,Pr + Audio): 1 (V, Gender)
- Digital Audio Out (Optical): 1 (V)
- LAN: 1 (V)
- Headphone out: 1 (V)
- RS-232C (Control / SVC): USB to RS232C

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