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Powerbank ZE 9201 Voltage  Regulator
Powerbank ZE 9201 Voltage  RegulatorPowerbank ZE 9201 Voltage  RegulatorPowerbank ZE 9201 Voltage  Regulator

Powerbank ZE 9201 Voltage Regulator


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Model: ZE 9201
Brand: Powerbank
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Summary:The Zeus E Series features Relay Type Automatic Voltage Regulator, Digital with Microprocessor Control, AVR Protection Output Sockets


Zeus E Series 

Capacities from 750VA~1600VA
Relay Type Automatic Voltage Regulator
Digital with Microprocessor Control
2 or 5 Steps Regulation
Circuit Breaker Protection
AVR Protection Output Sockets
Surge Protection Output Sockets
2 USB Charger Ports (Optional)
Ceramic Arrester Coaxial Protector (Optional)
3 LED Display Indicators
Tel/Fax Line Surge Protection
Practical Cable Organizer
Can be Easily Mounted to Walls

Attribute Value
Power Capacity 1000VA /500W
Nominal Voltage 220VAC Systems
Voltage Range 175VAC - 285 VAC
Frequency 43Hz - 67Hz
Voltage 198V - 253V
Frequency Same as Input
Built-in-AVR Single Boost & Buck
Waveform Same as Input
Response Time 1 Cycle
Outlets Nema 5-15R x 8pcs OR Australian x 6pcs OR Schuko x 2pcs OR British x 2pcs OR French x 2pcs
Display INDICATOR -: 3 Color LED Indicators
Over High Voltage (Warning) Red
Bulk Regulation Red (dots)
Normal Power On Green
Boost Regulation Yellows (dots)
Over Low Voltage (Warning) Yellow
Design 2 USB Charger Ports -: Output Voltage: DC 5V +/- 0.2V Output Current : Maximum 300mA + 300mA Inner Fuse Protection
Ceramic Arrester Nominal Impulse Discharge Current (80/20 neroseconds): 5000A
Coaxial Protector Impulse Spark Over-Voltage (1KV/neroseeconds): 500V
Circuit Breaker Overload and Short Circuit Protection
Surge Protection 80 Joules (Energy 10/100us)
Internet Protection (RJ-11) 20 Joules (Energy 10/100us)
Soft Start T
Environmental Altitude < 5000 Meter
Temperature 0°c - 40°c
Humidity 0% - 90% (Non-Condensing)
Audible Noise < 40dB at 1 meter

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