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Wrist Watch to Smart Watch - The Galaxy Gear

We just love the way in which technology changes. Just a few years ago we thought watches were becoming obsolete because you could easily check time on your phone.
But now they have come back, and they are even smarter.

Think of the noisiest places, the quietest places and the busiest places you have been. How many times have you missed an important call, message or other notification because you didn't hear the tone or it wasn't suitable to be checking your phone? A lot!

With the smart-watch on your wrist, you miss nothing. 
When you can’t use your phone, the Samsung Gear is right there for you. It makes communication smooth and effortless by allowing you to make and receive calls, check messages, and view notifications directly on the large Super AMOLED screen.

With the Samsung Gear 2’s camera, capture the moment right from your wrist. You can get quality, crisp pictures with its FHD still-shot and record memorable moments with its 720p video recording.

Enjoy your tunes without your smartphone. Thanks to a new standalone music player, you can store and listen to music on your Samsung Gear 2. Pair it to your Bluetooth headset for your listening pleasure on the go.

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