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Grand Parents Day 2014

In Zimbabwe, we do not have a national holiday to celebrate and honor our grand parents but in other countries, grand parents do have a special day when the whole nation spends some time to be with them and do different activities together. This day is usually the second Sunday of September.

Now we believe we owe our grand parents a lot and we should also honor and celebrate their lives and contributions they have made to the family. This Sunday, 07 September 2014, we can make a difference, we can bring joy to the lives of our grand parents by spending the day with them and doing different things with them.

There are quite a number of different activities we can do on Grand Parents day but we are going to recommend the first two activities in our list below:

  1. Grandchildren can interview grandparents about their life, using either video camera or smart phone.

  2. Complete a family tree chart

  3. Grandparents may help grandchildren write names and dates on backs of old family photos. Grandparents can relate info about ancestors, to preserve family history.

  4. Preserve family photos and history in computer, CD's, memory cards etc.


We particularly like the first activity as it allows you to create what may become your family's most valued treasure. The recording exercise may be continued throughout the week as you may go into details of some past events and you don't want to strain your grand parent into narrating the whole story of their life in one day. You can also download some sample questions that you can use for the interview.

Remember to then save all your recordings securely either on CD or flash drive labeled family history. You may need help editing and finalizing the video once recording is complete. You can call us on our help lines and we can find the best solutions for editing and storage of your treasured videos.

The second activity is also quite important as it allows us learn and preserve information about our family origins. We have prepared a family tree diagram that you can print, fill in and attach photos of the family members if they are available. You can download it here.

Once you have filled in the chart, you can make copies of it, laminate the original and keep it in a safe place. We also have another complex family tree chart that you can use if you feel you are up for the challenge. You can download it here.

Apart from the activities suggested above, you may also organize a Forget-Me-Not nursing home visitation. The purpose of this would be to provide compassion and caring to the forgotten, frail and elderly, whether homebound or in old people's homes (Statistics show that more than sixty percent of nursing home residents never have a visitor). You can organize this as a Youth Group either at church, school or workplace. Visitors can spend time talking with the nursing home residents and make this their loving way to celebrate National Grandparents Day.

No gifts or expenditures are desired or required from "forget-me-not" volunteer visitors but if you can afford it, you can bring them a few.

Your time and kind attention to the lonely, frail, sometimes bewildered, sometimes despairing oldster is the most precious gift you can bestow. Your goal: Be interested in these aging people - their life's accomplishments and griefs and joys. Show them they are appreciated and, most of all, that THEY HAVE NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN.

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