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Gaming - A Good Treat for Family Time

Video gaming is a good tool for entertainment and education, but like most things it has to have limits. Studies show that children who grow up playing video games have a higher IQ and better hand to eye coordination. With drug abuse and sexually activity on the rise, gaming is a good option to keep kids entertained and out of trouble. To make it even better play games with your kids. This is a good opportunity to interact and get to know more of their character. While playing games you are able to notice strengths and weakness of your child or parent. There are many reasons why parents should play video games with their kids but here are some of the reasons that were given by others:

• Because it’s fun for the entire family (85 percent);

• Because they’re asked to (82 percent);

• Because it is a good opportunity to socialize with the child or to monitor game content (78 percent and 57 percent, respectively); and

• Because they enjoy playing video games as much as their child does (49 percent).

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